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Successful Students - Appreciate the Diversity of Campus

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Dean Eastman welcomes students, faculty and staff to the Spring 2019 semester!

Dean Eastman welcomes students, faculty and staff back to campus as they begin the Spring Semester of 2019.

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Late Night Café - Spring 2018

Ready for an unlimited amount of pancakes and syrup? OSU's staff puts on the Late Night Cafe once again, May 7-10 from 10pm-1am! Come be a part of the tradition.

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'Twas the Night Before Finals - Happy Holidays from Spears Business

Business Pete begins the big move into the new business building with the help of staff and faculty at Spears Business!

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Students Share Their Winter Break Activities

Students share what exciting activities they participated in over winter break.

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Pencils of Promise

OSU Junior Andrew Gray has a passion for bettering childhood education throughout the developing world. He has been working with Pencils of Promise. Founded in 2008, Pencils of Promise has built…

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