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Milo 2.0: OSU Veterinary College Treats Second Case of Upside Down Paws

Dr. Erik Clary, who turned Milo's upside down paws right side up, successfully performed a similar, yet more challenging surgery on Siggi. Clary is a board-certified small animal surgeon at…

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Dr. Erik Clary on INTERACT

Dr. Erik Clary, associate professor of small animal surgery and bioethics, shares his research focus and how INTERACT can help move that forward to benefit both humans and animals.

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Dr. Danielle Dugat on INTERACT

Dr. Danielle Dugat, small animal surgeon at OSU's Veterinary Teaching Hospital, shares her thoughts on INTERACT and how this institute will help her develop research that ultimately advances the…

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Vet Med Faces of Research: Dr. Erik Clary

Dr. Erik Clary, associate professor of small animal surgery and bioethics, talks about his research career. In particular, he discusses his work to increase the durability of joint replacement…

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OSU Places Its First Bronchial Stents in a Dog

Dr. Shane Lyon, associate professor of small animal internal medicine, placed bronchial stents in a dog for the first time at OSU. His patient - an adorable Pomeranian. Here's Lucy's story.

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Tracy Kyle Chair in Small Animal Medicine

Thanks to the generosity of David and Tracy Kyle, a new chair in small animal medicine will allow OSU to pursue newer and less invasive treatments for patients.

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Yoda: with you the force is

Yoda is a 15 month old sheep with a heart defect. For the first time, Oklahoma State veterinarians perform a procedure on a sheep to fix Yoda's problem.

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Tornado Victims Find Family Cat After Six Days

OSU's Small Animal Hospital treats Egor the cat, who was found after 6 six days buried in the Moore tornado rubble by the Humann family.

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