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Milo 2.0: OSU Veterinary College Treats Second Case of Upside Down Paws

Dr. Erik Clary, who turned Milo's upside down paws right side up, successfully performed a similar, yet more challenging surgery on Siggi. Clary is a board-certified small animal surgeon at…

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News Conference on Milo: 6 Months Post-Surgery

Oklahoma State's veterinary medicine team celebrates Milo six months post-surgery. Born with upside-down paws, Milo could not stand or walk. Six months after surgery, Milo's progress is…

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Milo Visits OSU

Milo, the puppy with the upside down paws, recently returned to OSU's Center for Veterinary Health Sciences for a checkup. See how much Milo has progressed following his corrective surgery.

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Milo Goes Home

Milo, the puppy with the upside down paws, was released from OSU's Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. He is now receiving outpatient rehabilitative therapy.

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Milo: Next Steps

What's next for Milo, the puppy born with upside down paws? The stabilizing pins in his elbows have been removed and he is bandage free! See what's next for Milo.

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Milo: Making Progress on the Road to Recovery

At Milo's second bandage change, his pins are still holding stable and his elbow remain in alignment. Earlier in January 2019, Dr. Erik Clary performed corrective surgery for Milo's…

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Milo: On the Road to Recovery

Milo's front paws were turned upside down. Dr. Erik Clary at OSU's Center for Veterinary Health Sciences performed corrective surgery on the puppy. Milo had his first bandage change and is…

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Turning Milo Right Side Down

Milo's front paws turned upward instead of down. OSU veterinary specialists operated to try to correct the puppy's congenital deformity.

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SUNUP: Wildlife Food Plots

We visit Cleveland County to discuss wildlife food plots. Interviews include OkState Extension Wildlife Specialist Dwayne Elmore, Cleveland County Extension Educator Heath Herje and Andy Wooliver, a…

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