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Tree Trunk Cookies teach about Dendrochronology

Education Coordinator, Tony Pascall, creates a Tree Trunk Cookie curriculum material set to help teach about dendrochronology, the study of time using the patterns of growth rings in trees. To access…

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Ask the Experts - Prepping for the Time Change

The time change isn’t just about changing your clock. It’s also a great reminder to do some much-needed home maintenance twice a year. In this video, professor Gina Peek shares important…

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Flat, Cool & Acid-free: Secrets of the Century

Explore the secrets of the century left to us by students, faculty, staff and visitors to OSU during a festive celebration in 1941. Find other digital collections in the OSU Archives on the Library…

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Business Building Time Lapse: Sept. 2015-Feb. 2018

The business building is complete! Take a look at this time lapse video, which captures the entire construction process of the new building.

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Sealing of the Spears Business Time Capsule

The Spears Business time capsule has been officially sealed! Inside it, notes and memories from students, staff, faculty, alumni, and friends will sit untouched for 50 years! See you in 2067.

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Spears Business New Building Time Capsule Ceremony

Spears Business hosted a Time Capsule Ceremony to celebrate the sealing of the time capsule that will be housed in the new business building.

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Spears Business Alumni Spotlight - Steve Tuttle

Successful Spears Business alumnus Steve Tuttle talks about his life, his time at OSU, and why he and his wife give back to their alma mater.

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#SpearsLeaveYourMark Time Capsule Event

Catch a glimpse of the fun #SpearsLeaveYourMark Time Capsule Event, which allowed students to submit written messages to the Time Capsule that will be opened in 2067.

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Sidebar "Secrets of the Century"

The year was 1941 and Oklahoma State University celebrates its 50th anniversary with the Golden Jubilee celebration. Memorabilia is placed in a time capsule to be opened 50 years later. The most…

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The International Student Organization (ISO) did this project to be played for the first time during their biggest event, 2015 Cultural Night. The song is about all the International students at…

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What would you tell your freshman self?

If you could go back in time and give yourself advice during your freshman year, what would it be? We asked upperclassmen of the business school to give advice to freshmen that they wish they had…

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Orange and Black Gives Back

While athletes are balancing classes and a sport, you may wonder how they have free time...but hen you find out what they do in that free time, it may just surprise you.

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Window Time-Lapse: Edmon Low Library

Time-Lapse video of Edmon Low Library and the beautiful campus from Nov. 25th - Dec. 3rd looking out of a nearby window. Video Courtesy: Henry Segerman & Jay Schweig

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OSU Office Window Time-Lapse

Fly through a week of OSU's beautiful campus from this office window time-lapse. Video Courtesy: Henry Segerman & Jay Schweig

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OSU-CHS partnership with Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe

OSU-CHS President Kayse Shrum, D.O., Sister Rosemary Nyirumbe and Reggie Whitten discuss the special partnership between OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine and Saint Monica's Girls Vocational…

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OSU Homecoming 2013 Library Lawn Sign Competition

A time lapse of the 2013 OSU Homecoming Library Lawn Sign Competition setup.

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