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Dust to Floods: 25 years of the Oklahoma Mesonet

Watch the preview of 'Dust to Floods: 25 Years of the Oklahoma Mesonet.' Join us for the documentary premiere on OETA (PBS) on May 3, 2019 at 9:30 p.m. CST! The Oklahoma Mesonet is…

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Making an Emergency Halter

During a natural disaster such as a tornado or wildfire, horses may become loose and a halter may be unavailable. Here is an easy way to make an emergency halter with just a rope.

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Using Drones to Help Improve Tornado Predictions

Researchers at Oklahoma State University are using drones to try to help improve tornado forecasting. Here's the story from The Weather Channel....

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Researchers Using UAVs to Enhance Tornado Prediction

Oklahoma State University is partnering with other universities to fly UAVs into supercell thunderstorms in an effort to increase tornado warning lead time. Here's the story from CBS News...

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Center for Veterinary Health Science Helps Animals Who Are Victims of Natural Disaster

The Oklahoma State University Center for Veterinary Health Science is helping animals who have been injured by tornadoes, at no cost to the owner. Here's the story from KFOR-TV News Channel 4,…

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OSU Researchers Using UAVs to Improve Tornado Forecasting

OSU researchers are utilizing UAVs to help improve tornado forecasts. Here's the story from the OStateReport's Madison Reichert (posted 3/19/16)

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IN THE NEWS: OSU UAV Research Featured on CBS Evening News

UAV Research being performed at Oklahoma State University was featured on the CBS Evening News....

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IN THE NEWS: UAV/Tornado Research Continues on OSU Campus

FOX Reporter Casey Stegall visited the Stillwater campus to showcase how UAV's developed at OSU will be used for researching thunderstorms and tornadoes...

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IN THE NEWS: BBC Features Oklahoma State University UAV/Tornado Research

Oklahoma State University research utilizing UAVs to study tornado development is featured in this report from the BBC....

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Scientists Using UAV Technology for Tornado Research

As featured on the FOX News Channel....Oklahoma State University researchers are utilizing UAVs for tornado detection.

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CITY OF STILLWATER: Severe Weather Preparedness

Are you ready for severe weather season? The City of Stillwater has information to help you prepare....

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OkState Research Station Reopens Two Years After Tornado

We return to the newly rebuilt and renamed Tipton Valley Research Center, which was devastated by an EF-4 tornado two years ago.

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Raising Money for Music Programs Affected by the Moore Tornado

An OSU Music Fraternity recently held a silent auction to help out music programs impacted by the Moore tornado. Cori Duke has more....

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IN THE NEWS: OSU OKC Helps Get Tornado Victims New Trees

OSU OKC, The Tree Bank Foundation and the City of Oklahoma City are partnering to give away free trees to OKC residents impacted by the May tornadoes. Here's the story from KFOR, Newschannel…

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News 9's Gary England Visits With the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

KWTV's Gary England visited the Stillwater campus to discuss the use of UAV's to study and track tornadoes. Although no longer on the evening newscasts, England has a new role at KWTV:…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Offers Tuition Assistance To Tornado Victims

Originally aired May 25, 2013: Oklahoma State University offers tuition assistance to victims of the May tornadoes.

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