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Whitney Roman: Center for Sales and Sales Excellence

Whitney Roman speaks about the Center for Sales and Service Excellence, her journey into the role of sales and teaching, the skills of sales, and her vision for the future of the program

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Eastin Center-Students Perspective

Spears School of Business students talk about how their experience with the Eastin Center.

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Jason Aamodt, Business Sustainability - Net Impact at Oklahoma State University

Jason Aamodt, J.D. Business Sustainability expert at Spears School of Business, touches on Net Impact. This is a club for all students, faculty/staff, for join! Interested in joining? Click here to…

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Advice from the Cowboy Family

Members of the Cowboy Family want to share some advice with high school seniors preparing for OSU.

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Up Close

Up Close is an event that brings high school students to OSU's campus to learn more about the different majors OSU offers. This is also a great opportunity for students to take a campus tour.

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What makes OSU and the Spears School of Business so amazing?

Students and alumns share what makes OSU and the Spears School of Business so amazing.

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