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Be on the Lookout for Blister Beetles

(July 16, 2022) Kelly Seuhs, OSU Extension Alfalfa specialist, explains why populations of blister beetles are higher this summer than in past years. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…


OSU Veterinarians Treat a Show Horse for Terry Bradshaw

OSU veterinarian, Dr. Mike Schoonover, treated an uncommon condition in Sassy, one of Terry Bradshaw's show horses. Bradshaw's wife, Tammy, talks about Sassy's journey as the Bradshaws…

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Livestock & Horn Flies (7/4/20)

Justin Talley has information on horn flies, and how now is the time to treat livestock. For more information visit or…

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IN THE NEWS: OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences Performing Cataract Surgery on Horses

Cataract surgery is pretty common for humans, but there's only one place in Oklahoma performing the surgery for horses. Ophthalmologists at Oklahoma State University's Center for Veterinary…

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Equine Sports Medicine & Rehab with Dr. Michael Davis

Dr. Michael Davis talks about equine sports medicine and rehabilitation and what it means for the horse and horse owners. Board certified in this veterinary specialty, Davis is the president-elect of…

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Equine Respiratory Wellness

Keeping your horse's respiratory system healthy is important to the horse's overall well being. Here are some tips on ways to make your horse's environment healthy.

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Tips for Loading Your Horse

Dr. Kris Hiney, equine extension specialist for Oklahoma State University, gives horse owners some tips on how to successfully load a horse onto a trailer.

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Pete's Corner: Horses of OSU Equestrian

There are another set of athletes on the OSU Equestrian team—the horses. Salem Anthony talked to the team to learn more about their impact on the team.

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Biosecurity for Horses

Here are biosecurity tips for horse owners to help them keep their horse healthy.

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SUNUP: A Day at the Pontotoc County Fair

A heartwarming story from the Pontotoc County Horse Show.

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ARCHIVES: Spirit Rider’s Start at OSU

John Beall came to OSU in 1983 to study agriculture and participated in the rodeo club and horse judging team. When OSU’s athletic director saw a rodeo competition photo of John on his black…

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Sidebar-"The First Cowboys of OSU Rodeo"

Sarah Milligan, Head of Oklahoma Oral History Research Program, tells the story of one of Oklahoma State University's first rodeo cowboys. View interviews and other digital collections…

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Healing Spirit

The OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences is helping Spirit, a therapy horse, recover from serious injuries.

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Johnny Blasier and the Musical Horse

Johnny Blaiser is the facilities coordinator for the OSU Foundation, but in his free time, he listens to his best friend play music. His best friend is 22-year-old horse, Ice.

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West Nile Prevention in Horses

We discuss the risk of West Nile Virus in horses with Lyndi Gilliam, DVM. Then, Justin Talley offers mosquito prevention and control options.

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