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What is Family and Consumer Sciences?

Family and Consumer Sciences Education student, Kaitlyn Kirksey, describes what that title encapsulates.

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Community members of HDFS's REAL Community talk about their experiences.

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What is HDFS

Human Development & Family Science encompases many things. Find out what it means to HDFS faculty.

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Financial Planning Accreditation

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Kristin Atchley COHS Distinguished Alumni Award Winner

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Finding a better quality of life at OSU-Tulsa

Graduate student D.J. Mercer shares what he likes best about the city of Tulsa, the welcoming community at OSU-Tulsa and how the opportunities he has found have enriched his life.

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Dr. Amanda Harrist - Human Development and Family Science

The College of Human Sciences has been on the OSU campus for more than 110 years. The college's four academic programs provide research, instruction and outreach on the necessary elements of…

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