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Alpha-Gal Syndrome Symptoms and Signs

Janice Hermann, OSU Extension nutrition specialist, has information on Alpha-gal syndrome, commonly called the red meat allergy, that is caused by ticks. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…


Chiggers 101

(7/1/2023) Justin Talley, OSU entomology and plant pathology department head, discusses the myths many people still believe when it comes to chiggers. For Extension fact sheets & more visit…


Get Ready for Mosquitos & Ticks!

(May 20, 2023) Justin Talley, OSU Extension livestock entomologist, explains how we can keep ourselves and our pets safe from pests like ticks and mosquitoes this summer. For Extension fact sheets…


Will We Have a Mosquito Problem This Summer?

(June 18, 2022) Justin Tally, OSU Entomology and Plant Pathology department head and Extension livestock entomologist, says the recent rains coupled with the high temperatures will make the perfect…

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SVN and SAGP Home Cooked Diet Preparation

The Society for Veterinary Nutrition and the Small Animal General Practitioners Club at OSU's College of Veterinary Medicine demonstrate how easy it is to prepare home cooked meals for your pets.

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SUNUP: Ticks in the winter?

We hear from Justin Talley, OSU Extension livestock entomologist, about fall and winter options for managing pests in horses, cattle and pets.

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Welcome to the Cohn Pet Care Facility

Take a virtual tour of the Cohn Pet Care Facility where you can board your pet or make arrangements for your furry friend to be cared for when you no longer can.

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Vet Scripts - Keeping Pets Cool in Summer (7/25/20)

Dr. Barry Whitworth offers ways to keep our pets cool during warm weather. For more information visit…

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Animals & COVID-19 Guidelines (5/9/20)

Dr. Rosslyn Biggs has information on the updated CDC guidelines regarding pets & other animals. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a…

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Ask the Experts - Winter Safety for Pets

In colder weather, remember to care for your pets. In this video, Dr. Paul Demars discusses how to keep your pets safe and healthy during the winter.

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Veterinary student creates organization to help pets of domestic violence victims

Jonna Whetsel is a second-year veterinary student at OSU. A master's degree class project led her to create an organization to help pets of domestic violence victims.

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SUNUP: Becoming a Cow Dog

Kurtis Hair travels to Seminole County, to learn what it takes to train dogs to use their natural herding instincts with livestock.

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Dr Little on Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease can be deadly to dogs and cats. Dr. Susan Little, veterinarian and parasitologist, can help you protect them from disease.

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IN THE NEWS: Pete's Pet Posse

News 9 visited the OSU campus to check out Pete's Pet Posse, a group of dog's on campus to help boost moral and bring happiness to those at Oklahoma State University.

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Detecting Pain in Your Pet

OSU veterinarian Dr. Meg Gross share's information on the definitions of pain, why it is difficult to detect, possible causes and more.

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