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2022 CADRE Symposium Series Part 1 – Real World Open Science

Real World Open Science – Researchers are being encouraged to make their data open and their research processes transparent. Funding agencies expect PIs to make data available in public…

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Managing beneficial soil fungi to improve grassland health and global food security

This episode of Straight Talk About Research features Dr. Gail Wilson from the Department of Natural Resource Ecology and Managment

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Cyber Security with Jim Burkman

Professor of MSIS Jim Burkman fills us in on the do's and dont's of cyber security in today's world. How can young professionals stay up-to-date with technology while keeping their…

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2017 Three Minute Challenge Presentation Siddharth Suresh Forget Your Password?

Role of passward hygiene in cyber security

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SUNUP: Food Whys (05/24/16)

Jason Young explains the Global Food Security Initiative.

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Dean Eastman Interviews General Keith Alexander

Dr. Ken Eastman interviews General Keith Alexander, former Commander of U.S. Cyber Command and former Director of the NSA, about today's pressing cyber security topics.

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Research Minute: Jon Loffi

Jon Loffi, an OSU assistant professor in aviation and space, describes his area of research interest, aviation security.

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Campus Security Authority Training

This video provides information and guidance about OSU's obligations under the Clery Act.

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OSU Information security

Aaron Smith talks about computer safety at OSU including how to lock your computer, FERPA, HIPPA and GLB

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Bedlam Battle: Cowboys take the gold

OSU's victory video for winning the Bedlam Battle security challenge.

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Bedlam Battle: Security Edition-Use Email Safely

Learn about the importance of using email safely to avoid security issues.

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Bedlam Battle: Security Edition-Keep Your Computer up to Date

Learn about the importance of keeping your computer up to date to avoid security issues.

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