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How President Hargis brought Campus Beautification to OSU

We talk with President of Oklahoma State University, Burns Hargis, and his wife First Cowgirl, Ann Hargis, about the importance of sustainability, health, and wellness on campus. Airdate…

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Sustainability on OSU Campus

We interview with Ilda Hershey, Sustainability Coordinator of OSU, and see how sustainability has trickled all the way down to the students. Kim Hagan, Horticulture Club President, and Adrian…

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Oklahoma Gardening Episode #4742 (04/17/21)

0:00 Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! 1:23 Campus Beautification ft. Steve Dobbs Today we have a special Oklahoma Gardening episode as we speak with a familiar face to Oklahoma Gardening viewers with…

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Sustainability & Environmental Concerns

One of the areas of expertise at FAPC.

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OSU Recycles

#okstate is dedicated to sustainability efforts through a robust recycling program. Learn how to separate trash to be recycled properly and thanks for keeping our campus green!

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Students Recycle 20.9 Tons on Move-In Day

On move-in day this year, OSU student volunteers recycled an impressive 20.9 tons of cardboard.

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Last Out---Lights Off

A message from OSU Sustainability....

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OSU Sustainability: Last Out, Lights Off

A message from OSU Sustainability

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Earth Week 2018

Earth Week is here! Come be a part of our events throughout the week -- succulent planting, yoga on the lawn, and more the week of April 23 through April 26.

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Student Stories from the School of Entrepreneurship - Ashley Shannon

Learn what makes management sustainability an entrepreneurship student, Ashley Shannon, tick.

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Pete's Corner: OSU's Sustainability Committee

OSU Sustainability Committee works hard on game days to keep the Stillwater campus clean and green (original air date 9/22/15)

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Michael Cobbins: OSU Recycles

Cowboy Basketball's Michael Cobbins reminds everyone that we recycle on campus!

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Students Show the First Off-Grid Box in America to ESPN Sustainability Crew

Oklahoma State University’s student-led organization Sustainability, Energy, and Resources Collaborative (SERC) is responsible for bringing to the United States and OSU the first Off-Grid…

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Auditing the....Trash

How effective is recycling? One group at OSU decided to find out by counting trash. Erika Brown takes us to the first ever OSU trash audit....

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OSU: Energy Conservation

This video outlines OSU's sustainability mission for the Stillwater, OKC, Okmulgee and Tulsa campuses.

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The College of Human Sciences . . . .Extension and Engagement

The College of Human Sciences has been on the OSU campus for more than 110 years. The college's four academic programs provide research, instruction and outreach on the necessary elements of…

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