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Wildfire Assistance Programs

(April 16, 2022) Amy Hagerman, OSU Extension agricultural policy specialist, has assistance information and resources for those impacted by the latest wildfires. OSU Extension Farm Stress…

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SUNUP - Preparing for Wildfire Season

John Weir, OSU Extension fire ecologist, offers advice on preparing your home and property for wildfire season. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a…

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Extension Explains - Carbon Sequestration (10/31/20)

Laura Goodman tells us how carbon sequestration differs in trees and grasses. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a production of the Division of…

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Wildfire Preparation in the Dry Season (10/24/20)

Fire Ecologist John Weir has information on how to prepare for a wildfire on your property. For Extension fact sheets & more visit SUNUP is a production of…

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Teaching prescribed burning to NRCS specialists from around the country

We see how OSU Extension Fire Ecologists are teaching NRCS specialists from all over the country how to conduct prescribed burns.

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Making an Emergency Halter

During a natural disaster such as a tornado or wildfire, horses may become loose and a halter may be unavailable. Here is an easy way to make an emergency halter with just a rope.

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The benefits of prescribed burns in growing season

Fire Ecologist John Weir demonstrates the benefits of prescribed burns during growing season.

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SUNUP: Wildfire in Oklahoma: Preparation

We talk with producers, firefighters and emergency management officials in Harper County, fire officials with the Oklahoma Forestry Service, the director of Oklahoma Emergency Management and state…

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We are Oklahoma: Wildfire Recovery

Take a quick look at some of the impacts that programs with Division of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources have made in Oklahoman's lives.

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SUNUP: NW Oklahoma Wildfire Recovery

We learn from Harper County ranchers what it takes to rebuild when fire has taken most of their livelihood.

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Wildfire and Drought Protection

OStateTV's Shelby Farrell spoke with Stillwater Fire Department Battalion Chief Terry Essary about precautions we should take in case of a wildfire or drought this summer.

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IN THE NEWS: Firefighters Learn to Fight Wildfires in Oklahoma

250 firefighters gathered to learn how to fight wildfires caused by high winds and extreme drought in the state of Oklahoma in a program coordinated by OSU's Paddy Metcalf.

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