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Easy Access Raised Bed

Steve Upson, a retired Horticulture Consultant from the Noble Research Institute, shares with us his newest recycled tire raised bed creation. This bed is meant to be a permanent installation in the…

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Oklahoma Gardening #4834 (02/19/22)

Welcome to Oklahoma Gardening! Houseplant Soil Toppers Host Casey Hentges shows us the benefit of adding decorations to our houseplants. Not only can soil toppers help prevent splash-back, but…

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Library Access Card

In the summer of 1915, the Library at Oklahoma Agriculture and Mechanical College instituted a new rule in response to research materials being damaged and general disruptive behavior within study…

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Bitcoin & Beyond: The Future of Digital Currency

Click here to view the slides from this presentation. Dr. William J. Luther is an assistant professor of economics at Florida Atlantic University. He is also the director of the American Institute…

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2019 Agricultural Policy Updates

Amy Hagerman presented on Ag policy developments in 2019 and the policy outlook for 2020.

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ShareOK at Oklahoma State University Libraries: Access beyond the classroom

As an #okstate student, you have a clear path to the research material you need. When you graduate, access to that scholarly work may not be available. Learn how provides access to peer…

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Open Access Week 2018: Copyright in Higher Education

"Copyright in Higher Education" is an overview of copyright as it pertains to teaching, authoring, and publishing. Topics include determining what content is protectable by copyright,…

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Open Educational Resources Author Panel

Three Oklahoma State University faculty members participate in a panel discussion on their work in developing an open educational resource for their courses and the OSU Library launches ePress. The…

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Built it in Blender

At October's Tech Tuesday@2, Shannon Garde, library technology specialist, will cover Blender, its use as a 3D modeling platform and how users can utilize the software to bring their ideas into…

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Combating High Book Prices for College Students: A Solution

Book prices are on the rise. So, what can we do? Dr. Bill McLean, professor of economics at Oklahoma State University, sees the benefits of using an open source textbook. Find more information about…

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Combating High Book Prices for College Students

OSU Humanities and Social Sciences librarian Dan Chaney talks about open textbooks and how they can benefit students, faculty, and staff. Find more about open textbooks here.

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Celebrating Books 2015

We honor over 40 Oklahoma State University authors, coauthors, and editors at the 9th annual Celebrating Books event in the Edmon Low library. Learn more about our most recent and our past…

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Open Access Interview with Dr. Andrew Lang

Oral Roberts University's Dr. Andrew Lang answers several questions about his Feb. 17 talk on Open Notebook Science at OSU.

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Open Access: An Interview with William Cross and Molly Keener

In October of 2013, William Cross and Molly Keener presented a lecture titled, "Scholarly Communication: From Understanding to Engagement" at the OSU Library. Afterward, they answered a few…

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Open Access Interview with Michael Carroll

Professor Michael W. Carroll answers questions concerning open access, Creative Commons, and copyright. Carroll is a Professor of Law and Director of the Program on Information Justice and…

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