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1) Perform an irrigation system audit to ensure you don't have any leaks and that the water is going where you want it to. 2) Using faucet timers and drip irrigation simplifies the irrigation…

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SQF Workshop

FAPC's SQF Workshop will help make sure your facility is product safe quality foods. Watch the video to learn more.

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BRC Workshop

If you're responsible for quality assurance, food safety or plant management - listen up. We've got a workshop for you.

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Internal Auditor

Want to learn how to conduct internal audits in your facility? Attend FAPC's Internal Auditor course.

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Spears Business Research Minute - Brad Lawson

Learn about Brad Lawson's research on Audit Market Structure and Audit Pricing.

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Head of the Class for Food Safety

With the help of Praveen Yarramsetti, an Oklahoma State University food science doctoral student, and the Robert M. Kerr Food & Agricultural Products Center, Head Country recently earned an AA…

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Auditing the....Trash

How effective is recycling? One group at OSU decided to find out by counting trash. Erika Brown takes us to the first ever OSU trash audit....

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