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Guard Dogs (11/28/20)

This week on SUNUP, we learn how guard dogs protect herds of small animals.

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Vet Scripts - Keeping Pets Cool in Summer (7/25/20)

Dr. Barry Whitworth offers ways to keep our pets cool during warm weather. For more information visit…

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Working Cattle Dogs

SUNUP takes a look at the working dogs of Osage County, their amazing skills and their impact on ranch work.

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Healing Hearts : Pete's Pet Posse

The Bow Wow Film Festival, the nation’s premier traveling dog film festival, is returning to OSU. This year’s festival features touching films that will warm the heart, including the…

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How Sled Dogs Keep Going: Research on Tap

Physiological Sciences professor Dr. Michael Davis discusses his research into the metabolic secrets of fatigue resistance in sled dogs. Through cutting-edge biomedical research in one of the most…

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Focused Ultrasound: A New Approach to Treating Cancer

Veterinarians and researchers at OSU's Center for Veterinary Health Sciences are the first veterinary college to use focused ultrasound to treat cancer and non-healing wound infections.

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Using Soundwaves and Heat to Cure Cancer in Dogs

An OSU researcher is looking for a non-toxic, non-invasive way to treat tumors in dogs...

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The Dogs of Lincoln

The Dogs of Lincoln is a unique program where OSU veterinary students volunteer to unite students from Lincoln Academy with shelter dogs from the Humane Society of Stillwater.

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SUNUP: Becoming a Cow Dog

Kurtis Hair travels to Seminole County, to learn what it takes to train dogs to use their natural herding instincts with livestock.

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Pete’s Pet Posse Tulsa

Pete's Pet Posse Tulsa is an expansion of OSU’s Pete’s Pet Posse therapy dog program and serves OSU Center for Health Sciences and OSU-Tulsa. P3T dogs act as greeters and campus…

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SIGHTS & SOUNDS: National Dog Day Celebrated on the OSU Campus

National Dog Day was celebrated on the OSU Campus by Pete's Pet Posse, as well as students and their pets (posted 8/27/15)

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Dr Little on Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease can be deadly to dogs and cats. Dr. Susan Little, veterinarian and parasitologist, can help you protect them from disease.

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SUNUP Food Whys: What's in a Hot Dog?

OkState Meat Processing Specialist Jacob Nelson explains what is actually in a hot dog.

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Science Cafe presents Canines in Competition

This month's Science Cafe topic was "Canines in Competition" and featured a presentation about Alaskan sled dogs by Professor Emeritus Douglas Aichele, with special guests Vulcon and…

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Training Pete's Pet Posse

In efforts to promote America's healthiest campus, OSU has developed a new program to train therapy dogs for campus use. Alyssa Casares sat in on the first training session for the dogs...

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IN THE NEWS: Pete's Pet Posse

News 9 visited the OSU campus to check out Pete's Pet Posse, a group of dog's on campus to help boost moral and bring happiness to those at Oklahoma State University.

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