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Nancy Randolph Davis Tribute - OSUCEHS

This film is a tribute to Nancy Randolph Davis by OSU's Dr. Darius Prier.

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Reflections on the Legacy of Nancy Randolph Davis--Lessons Learned

Quraysh Ali Lansana is author of twenty books in poetry, nonfiction and children's literature. Lansana is a Tulsa Artist Fellow, acting director of the Center for Truth and Racial Healing &…

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Nancy Randolph Davis Statue Dedication

Celebrating the life and legacy of Nancy Randolph Davis the first African American to attend OSU (then Oklahoma A&M)

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WATCH: Nancy Randolph Davis Statue Dedication

Nancy Randolph Davis was the first African-American student to enroll at Oklahoma State University. She enrolled in 1949 and received her master's degree in 1952. On January 31, 2019, OSU…

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ARCHIVES: OSU Celebrates Nancy Randolph Davis Day

From February 2, 2009: hear from Nancy Randolph Davis, the first African-American student enrolled at Oklahoma State University....

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ARCHIVES: Nancy Randolph Davis, First African-American Enrollee at OSU

Nancy Randolph Davis was a pioneer in Oklahoma higher education and holds a special place in the history of Oklahoma State University. In the summer of 1949, she was the first African-American…

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