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2022 CADRE Symposium Series Part 1 – Real World Open Science

Real World Open Science – Researchers are being encouraged to make their data open and their research processes transparent. Funding agencies expect PIs to make data available in public…

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Join the #openokstate movement

Join the OPEN movement. Learn more at

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Support for Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources: A message of support from Dr. Gary Sandefur, Provost & Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs. Explore the use of open textbooks as an alternative to traditional…

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Data and Donuts: Using Open Science Framework for Project Management

Clarke Iakovakis, Scholarly Services Librarian for the OSU Libraries, leads a workshop on using Open Science Framework for project management as part of the Data and Donuts workshop series. OSF is…

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Open Access Week 2018: Copyright in Higher Education

"Copyright in Higher Education" is an overview of copyright as it pertains to teaching, authoring, and publishing. Topics include determining what content is protectable by copyright,…

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Business Building Tour with #IAB Students Peyton and Forrest

Check out some of the coolest spots in the new business building and hear perspectives from successful alumni of the business school, such as Stan Clark and Jennifer Grigsby.

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Business Building Time Lapse: Sept. 2015-Feb. 2018

The business building is complete! Take a look at this time lapse video, which captures the entire construction process of the new building.

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First Day of Class at Spears Business

Take a look inside the new business building, which is now open for classes!

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Open Educational Resources Author Panel

Three Oklahoma State University faculty members participate in a panel discussion on their work in developing an open educational resource for their courses and the OSU Library launches ePress. The…

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Spears Business Building Construction Update - September 2017

Dean Eastman and Jay Cheves walk us through the new business building and fill us in on the latest developments.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Built it in Blender

At October's Tech Tuesday@2, Shannon Garde, library technology specialist, will cover Blender, its use as a 3D modeling platform and how users can utilize the software to bring their ideas into…

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Who Was Edmon Low?

Ever wondered who Edmon Low Library was named for? The man behind its organization and design was Edmon Low. He was the longest running library director and helped create what the Oklahoma State…

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Combating High Book Prices for College Students: A Solution

Book prices are on the rise. So, what can we do? Dr. Bill McLean, professor of economics at Oklahoma State University, sees the benefits of using an open source textbook. Find more information about…

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Combating High Book Prices for College Students

OSU Humanities and Social Sciences librarian Dan Chaney talks about open textbooks and how they can benefit students, faculty, and staff. Find more about open textbooks here.

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Open Mic Night at the Student Union

When it comes to showcasing talent... look no further than open mic night at the OSU Student Union

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Fighting for Affordable Textbooks

OSU Humanities and Social Sciences librarian Dan Chaney discusses open textbooks and their role in the fight to make higher education affordable for every student. Find more about open textbooks…

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