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About University Counseling Services

Overview on what the University Counseling Services office has to offer for students.

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Pete's Corner: Promoting Good Psychological Health at OSU

America's Healthiest Campus includes promoting positive mental health (original air date 10/13/15)

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Mental Health & Stress Management Fair

Students and employees are encouraged to attend the Mental Health & Stress Management Fair on Thursday, Jan. 22, 10am-2pm, to get counselor sessions, meet Pete's Pet Posse, get free chair…

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Wellness Program: Inside OSU

Oklahoma State University (OSU) president Burns Hargis and Ann Hargis visit with chief wellness officer Suzy Harrington to discuss the wellness program.

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"Reboot" for Finals

It's a high-tech way to learn to relax. Alex Bruner takes you to the Student Union where you can learn to "Reboot"....

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REBOOT: Using High Tech Video Games To Reduce Stress

The Oklahoma State University (OSU) Reboot Center, the first center of its kind in the state, uses cutting-edge technology to help students better handle stress as part of the university’s goal…

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Reboot Center: Inside OSU

Oklahoma State University (OSU) President Burns Hargis visits the Reboot Center in the Student Union. The Reboot Center trains students on breathing techniques that allows them to relax and focus…

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