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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Planes, Drones and Simulators

Tech Tuesday @ 2 is an on-going series designed to highlight the technology and resources we have at the Oklahoma State University Libraries. Shannon Austin gives an overview of the flight and…

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The Williams Hall Project

Follow the Oklahoma State University Archives on Facebook at for updates on the Williams Hall Project. Find more OSU and Oklahoma history at the Oklahoma State…

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Insert Tech Here

Insert Tech Here: an open house where students, staff and faculty can learn about all the technology like data visualization, flight simulators, virtual reality, Adobe products and audio production…

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Edmon Low Creative Studios: Virtual Reality Suite

New to the Edmon Low Creative Studios! The Virtual Reality Suite, sponsored by Elizabeth and James Wise, features two virtual reality studios and a virtual simulation studio. Find the Edmon Low…

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 Design Your Happy Place: An Intro to Creating VR Spaces

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Library Creativity Award Winners 2017

What does creativity mean to you? The winners of the 2017 Library Creativity Award talk about what creativity means to them and we view their winning entries.

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Tech Tuesday @ 2 #360MakesTheWorldGoRound

Nina Thornton, multimedia producer for the OSU Libraries, reviews the LG360 camera and how to edit 360 footage using Adobe Premiere. View videos from previous Tech Tuesday events.

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Library Creativity Award: William Davis "Vapor Reality v0.3"

William Davis, a spring 2016 graduate, won first place in the motion category for the first ever Library Creativity Award. William created a 360 degree virtual reality video using technology found in…

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Virtual Reality Lab: Inside OSU

Oklahoma State University (OSU) President Burns Hargis visits the Virtual Reality Lab to learn more about how virtual reality is being used in the classroom and how it's help children with…

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